Event Staff

Event Weekend Staff

Available Jobs: Site Coordinators, Field Marshals, Parking 

Job Description: Will be required & asked to do the following:

  • Be on site for each day of event 1 hour before 1st game start times – Early mornings. 
  • Be able to responsibly use a radio and potentially a golf cart on site. 
  • Hold a level of standard & representation of the event that you are working. 
  • Be able to responsibly oversee games or situations in order to keep them in order. 
  • Stay in an assigned location for long periods of the day. 
  • Be able to help/answer questions of attendees
  • Be prepared for all types of weather on the given day/weekend. 

Snacks & Beverages provided. Lunch if working for a whole day.

For more information or questions about working our events, please submit a message via the Contact Us page.