Top 5: Coaching Podcasts You Must Subscribe To

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Top 5: Coaching Podcasts You Must Subscribe To

 As a coach I am always looking for new tools to help in development of myself and my players. There are so many media sources that it can be overwhelming on what will be helpful. So I have broken it down to the top 5 coaching podcast you must subscribe to. These views are my own and there are plenty of other great podcast to listen to. We have a lot to talk about so let’s dive right into it. There is no order to this list, all podcast will be equally helpful to listen to.


Coaching Soccer Weekly

Updated Weekly on Fridays: 62 episodes and counting


Coaching Soccer Weekly was my first coaching podcast subscription. Tom Mura holds his USSF ‘B’ and US Youth Futsal Level ‘3’ licenses, and has been coaching premier soccer at the club level for over 25 years. Tom is also a co-owner of WORLD CLASS COACHING, and through WCC, Tom has worked with the youth academies of Ajax, Manchester City, Sheffield United, Athletico Minera, PSV Eindhoven, ACF Fiorentina, Manchester United, Feynoord Rotterdam, NEC Nijmegen and many others.

Coaching Soccer Weekly is a weekly podcast that offers coaches a lot of training sessions, high level coaching interviews, and captivating conversations on recent world soccer topics. Each podcast is roughly 25-40 minutes long, and Tom does a very good job of speaking well and describing in detail what he would like coaches to know. The best part of Coaching Soccer Weekly is once you finish the audio portion, you can go right to the website to view the session diagrams, e-books, videos, and all resources that were introduced in each episode. I have favorited 25 of 62 episodes that I will continually review as a reference for training sessions or training tools I really found helpful. My favorite episode so far was episode 8, with Penn State’s Head Men’s Soccer Coach, Bob Warming. In that episode Coach Warming talks about his Triangle Training Method. This was a brand new idea for me on how to train technical and tactical methods to my teams. I have used this episode at least 30 different times this past season, and always find a new way to adapt this training method into my sessions. The Coaching Soccer Weekly podcast can be found anywhere you get your podcast from.


The Coaching Manual Podcast

Updated Biweekly: 12 episodes and counting


The Coaching Manual Podcast is from the website The Coaching Manual which is partnered with Southampton’s Youth Academy. This podcast is all about professional coaching interviews, with in depth conversations on player development, world football development, and each coach’s journey from player to professional coach.

The Coaching Manual Podcast offers insight on the journey of coaches that started just like many of us. This is produced in England so many of the coaches they interview played in the Premier League or in Europe’s lower tiers. Each coach has a very unique story of how they began their coaching career. Many episodes discuss in depth how these top coaches see the future of youth development in world football, and how they specifically believe coaches should be developing players. I enjoy this podcast as each episode gives me insight of how the highest levels of youth football is looking to develop players. Also, the guys at Coaching Manual do a great job of having fun and making the 20-40 minute episodes enjoyable to listen to. The Coaching Manual Podcast can be found anywhere you get your podcast from.


Youth Soccer Evolution Podcast

Updated Weekly: 28 episodes and counting


Youth Soccer Evolution Podcast is brought to you by West Michigan local Ernesto Diaz. Ernesto brings a unique outlook to the coaching podcast world. Ernesto started this podcast for one specific reason, “we want to engage, educate, and empower parents, players, coaches, and administrators who are trying to do the right thing and focus on Player Development, instead of win/loss records.” (YSE, 2016)

YSE at first caught me off guard when the first episode talked with Ted Kroten who primarily played pond hockey his entire youth, but has now started a soccer organization that breaks all the molds of youth development. However, as the podcast series went on, I realized Ernesto was uniquely talking to players and coaches of many different backgrounds to open my thoughts on revolutionary ideas on how to change the United States’ youth soccer development model. Since the beginning of listening to the podcast I have saved 7 episodes, and have re-listened to these episodes many times. Episodes are 30-50 minutes long. Specifically, an episode you must listen to, is episode 1 and 2 with Ted Kroten. These episodes really opened my thoughts on free-play for all ages, and the creativity that is formed when you just let players play. YSE also talks to coaches and players about many other topics, including developing a soccer culture, getting through high school recruitment, the merger of new and old technical and tactical models, and many other topics that will have you discussing these episodes with your colleagues for days. The Youth Soccer Evolution Podcast can be found anywhere you get your podcast from.


The Winning Youth Coaching Podcast

Updated Weekly: 82 episodes and counting


The Winning Youth Coaching Podcast is not just a podcast series, but also a great website brought to you by Craig Haworth. Craig has coached for the past 10 years as a parent-coach in lacrosse, football, and basketball. This is not a soccer specific podcast; this is a coaching specific podcast. Craig is helping primarily parent-coaches to change the future of youth sports, by encouraging smart planning, education of coaches, and positive coaching styles that reinforce strong self-esteem in their players.

Winning Youth Coaching podcast talks to athletes and coaches from all sports. The podcast is split into four quarters. The first quarter is a background period, of who the coach is, how long they have been coaching, and at what level they coach. The second quarter is questions that Craig has prepared, that typically get the coach talking about key lessons they have learned either through negative experiences or mentors and education they found that helped them through their career. Quarter three is about tools and resources each coach has found transformed the way they coach, or that have made their coaching much more efficient. The fourth quarter is where Craig speaks with each coach about a match they wish they could change, quotes they live by, and final thoughts they would like to pass on. Each episode is 45-60 minutes long.

As a soccer coach, listening to these podcast from coaches in swimming, lacrosse, football, baseball, gymnastics, and so forth, really opened my eyes to so many ideas that can be crossed over to soccer. Also, as many of these coaches have been in their respected sport for many years, this podcast is a great tool for young coaches. As great as the podcast is, Craig has a Winning Youth Coaching Website that has all the resources that are introduced in the podcast, as well as great resources Craig and his staff have created on their own. The Winning Youth Coaching Podcast can be found anywhere you get your podcast from.


Coach Your Best

Updated Weekly: 86 episodes and counting


Coach Your Best Podcast is produced by Jeremy Boone. This podcast is a conversation based podcast designed to introduce knowledge, tools, and skills needed to help your athletes be their best. Jeremy works with professional athletes, and was called a, “performance specialist, conditioning coach, life adviser, friend — if athletic trainers are tools used by professional athletes to gain competitive advantages, Boone is a Swiss Army Knife.” (SportingNews, 2015) Jeremy uses his podcast to introduce coaches you need to know, athletic training techniques, and many more unique and revolutionary ideas in sport fitness and performance.

As a coach I am always looking to better my abilities specifically in sports physiology and psychology. In Coach Your Best, Jeremy talks to a lot of specialist, but I believe you have to listen to this podcast, just for the different ways to get into your players heads positively, as well as tips and resources to strengthen your player’s physical abilities. Some of my favorite episodes, and there are many, are when Jeremy brings in professional athletes and discusses high level techniques, that you can take and introduce to recreational and elite athletes. Episodes range from 15-50 minutes long, and will keep you engaged the entire time. The Coach Your Best Podcast can be found anywhere you get your podcast from.


By Sean Downey. Michigan Tournament Solutions writer